Afghan Nationwide Educational Consultancy Services (hereinafter refers to as
ANECS), is an International Educational Advisory Organization Which is Registered
With the Government, Global Standard Cultural Center and a Number of NGO’s, and Further
is Recognized by Various Educational Organizations like The British Council,
English UK, Going Global, Alliance Francis, Enterprise Ireland, ICEF, Qisan,
English Australia and a number of other prestigious firms. ANECS emerged on
the local scene in 2017, where its main focus is to provide services to students,
professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and innovators who are interested in
pursuing their higher education abroad.

Education plays a vital role in shaping successful people.

It Gives The Opportunity to Become a Productive Member of a Civilized Society By
Acquiring all the Necessary Skills. Through Education we Learn How to Meet
Challenges, Overcome Obstacles, Become an Integrated Personality, Maintain
the Perpetuation of Our Culture, the Basic Norms, Rules, Regulations, and Values
of a Society. Moreover, Modern Education is Liberal, Open, and Exoteric. It is
the Premise of Progress in Every Family and in Every Society, and Further is
Based on the Humanism, Freedom, Equality, Democracy, and Human Rights.
The Content of Education keeps Peace With the Needs of Modern Society and is
a Mirror of its Goals, Values, and Priorities

Eid Mohammad Yarmal

Founder & CEO

Our Consultants

Meet Our Team of Expert Education Consultants

ANECS Has a Strong Connection With a Dedicated Team of Registered Migration Agents who can lead you through the Visa Process to Ensure you Obtain the Correct Supporting Documents and Provide the Necessary Information to Obtain your Visa

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